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Environment & Community - Dundalk Bay Seafoods | Exporters of Frozen Whole Prawns & Peeled Scampi
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Environment & Community

Sustainable fishing

environment1Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd only sources raw material from those who are within the practice of sustainable fishing standards. Of which does not cause harm or damage the environment. All raw material used at Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd is guaranteed to be caught under the regulations of sustainable fishing. All of our products can be retraced to the exact catch location by product number. Dundalk Bay Seafood’s abides by E.U. and government regulations on the sourcing of raw material from legal sources.


Statement of Intent

Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd believes that it must take steps to manage its impact on the natural environment. As a consequence we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is sensitive to the environmental needs of the communities within which we operate.

This aim will be achieved by upholding defined, key environmental standards in all of our operations, and we actively encourage our business partners to demonstrate similar levels of commitment.

We are committed to making all our activities at Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd sustainable, for the sake of our planet and the benefit of our customers, our suppliers and our business.


Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd Environmental Standards

Energy use

environment2We constantly measure our energy use and aim to continuously reduce consumption per unit of output in each of our manufacturing operations. Where feasible to do so, renewable energy sources are used.

Water use

We use water from our own resources of our two springs which we regularly monitor and test to insure that our water is continuing its high quality mark. Although the water is our own we continue to use the resource responsibly and aim to continuously reduce our water use and discharge per unit of output at each location. Since our water has such a good quality mark it is renowned as the best drinking water source in the community and we have decided to share this source with the community by placing a tapped well outside premises where members of the community can come and enjoy the local spring


Packaging materials are designed where possible to minimise their environmental impact whilst still ensuring that product safety and integrity are maintained at all times. Wherever practicable packaging materials are manufactured from recyclable or reusable materials.


Supporting Our Community

environment3Dundalk Bay Seafood’s Ltd plays a big role in supporting its local community and its activities throughout the year. With all of our employees living within the local community it is a great opportunity to support them and their families.

Prawn Festival

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Every summer Dundalk Bay Seafood’s gets involved with the local community in running its own seafood festival known as “The Clogherhead Prawn Festival”. The event takes place every summer in the month of July and see’s over 20,000 people turn up for the three day family entertaining event. The festivals consists of events such as a seafood fair with food tasting, water sport activities, live Irish music and a kids activity park, all insuring a good family day out for all the community.

Local Football

The local GAA football team “Dreadnots GFC” is a great community organisation with over 15 of our current staff involved with their community activities which help develop youths and supports the health of the community. Dundalk Bay Seafood’s is always delighted to support this organisation when ever needed giving the good work it does for our local community

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