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“Only good raw materials create the best products”


What makes our quality?

prawns21. Our Belief: At Dundalk Bay Seafood’s we believe that our langoustines are an exclusive product, a status that must be maintained and have the quality espn radio viagra promotion check this link right here now to surpass the expectations of the consumer when they buy a luxury item.

2. Location: Situated strategically beside one of Europe’s leading prawn ports, in an area with experienced labour in the seafood sector. Our location provides us with the best possible resources to produce high quality seafood products.

3. Experience: Over 50 years experience in the seafood sector and over 35 years of producing Nephrops for the European market, we know what we are doing.

4. Strategy: Hand picking the best available check this link right here now raw material to produce our products, by using our experienced buyers to select only the best material on the market. Maintaining our factory status as a modern stream line facility insuring all materials are proceessed immediately on arriving at the plant to capture freshness and maintain the quality of the material.

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